As a specialist in vitrified CBN and diamond wheels, Meister Abrasives present as a new tool concept its innovative HPB (High-Performance Bond) technology which can offer the user major benefits in terms of cost and quality.

The newly developed generation of abrasive tools optimises both productivity (cycle times, dressing intervals, machine downtime etc.) and component quality (geometric requirements, damage to the workpiece boundary layer etc.).

Meister devoted particular attention to a number of factors when developing the new HPB technology:

  • Getting the right CBN grit properties
  • Ensuring (wear) strength over the crystal morphology
  • Obtaining cutting ability over the crystal morphology in conjunction with targeted pretreatment

Optimising grit retention forces:

  • Ensuring the strength of the bond bridges with the right composition and heat treatment of the vitrified bond
  • Interfacial bonding of the CBN grit by optimising the wetting of the grit during manufacture and controlled chemical reaction/compatibility

The results: 

  • Improved wear resistance and stability of form
  • Increased pore volume
  • Improved coolant supply and chip discharge

With the help of its HPB technology and by selectively optimising these individual factors, Meister Abrasives have succeeded in increasing the variability of the whole system and enhancing the cutting ability and wear resistance of the tool.

The relative weighting of these factors can be individually adjusted in order to address a specific shaping requirement. The principle is shown by way of example in the following chart.

If we assume average cutting ability, pore volume and grit retention forces for a standard composition, then as well as the general improvement in all three parameters, with the HPB principle the benefits can be weighted more strongly either in favour of the grit retention forces and hence wear resistance, or alternatively of the pore volume and hence cooler abrading.

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HPB bond structure REM image


HPB bond triangle