Technology - The perfect Match of Tool and Requirement

Since its inception, Meister Abrasives has focused on high-productivity abrasive solutions based on vitrified bonding systems. From the outset, the foundations for this were laid in-house so as to realise the greatest possible flexibility that would allow the company to meet ever-expanding customer requirements.

The accumulation of know-how paved the way for the pioneering breakthrough of the vitrified-bond CBN in 1980 which has become an industry-wide standard for all high-precision large-scale steel machining.

Bound by this tradition, the company is constantly developing further improvements to this technological principle and launching them on the market.

Today, Meister Abrasives supplies abrasive solutions from the very smallest bore grinding applications of 1.3mm diameter up to surface grinding using 1500 mm diameter tools, all to specific customer designs. CBN, DIA, conventional and Ceralox tools are used depending on the application.

More recently, the hybrid bond has been added to the technology platform as a complementary technology. This combines the advantages of a porous ceramic structure with the wear resistance of a metal bonded matrix.

The result is a structure which offers both a unique range of dressing tools for the dressing of vitrified abrasive wheels as well as a new generation of grinding tools for machining brittle-hard materials.