Double disc grinding machines are used to create mass produced parts when they are required to display both perfect plane-parallelism and a high surface quality. Nowadays the abrasive tools used for this purpose are usually made from CBN and diamond which combine a low working pressure with long dressing intervals.

A pellet version of Meister Vit CBN and Vit diamond tools is available to facilitate economical production through short machining cycle times and an extremely long service life.


CBN vitrified grinding wheel for double face grinding


Meister Abrasives diamond back grinding wheels are used to process silicon wafers and compound semiconductor materials (GaAs, Ge, SiC, GaN, AlN etc.) to the thinnest thickness at lowest TTV.

The low force diamond wheels improve the process quality by reducing sub surface damage and chipping. CMP and polish effort are reduced due to very low surface roughness after ultra fine grinding.