Meister is a leader in the technological development of porous dressing tools. The focus is on highly porous free-cutting structures, combined with a corresponding wear resistance, which significantly improves the workpiece quality and process stability. Depending on the requirements, the bonding systems can be ceramic (vDD) or preferably hybrid technology (hDD).

For the customer-specific hybrid diamond dressing tools (hDD), Meister has developed an innovative bonding technology that is unique in the world and which, despite the high pore volume, has excellent wear resistance. Thanks to the multi-layer structure, industrial users benefit from the significantly longer service life and self-sharpening, which increases process consistency and reduces costs.

The additional edge-reinforced cDD versions enable path-controlled dressing of even complex profiles. These properties, combined with the possibility of multiple re-profiling, contribute to a significant reduction in the total process costs.


Dressing / conditioning can be found in almost all applications, both internal and external grinding.