Retirement meeting at Meister

On February 25th, eleven interested retirees followed the invitation of the Meister Abrasives AG for a factory tour. To the delight of the organizers, people from different eras met: from the time of tapes production to the pure production of corundum grinding wheels to todays super abrasive era.

The new CEO Frederik Dresen introduced himself and explained how the company is organized in Switzerland and internationally. Chairman of the Board, Dr. Peter Beyer and production manager Dominic Heiniger then led through the various production areas. During this, they enjoyed  very interested and attentive listeners.

In the final discussion, everyone agreed that Meister Abrasives AG had undergone enormous development. The product range is future-oriented. A lot was invested in machines, production plants and buildings. New product lines are beginning to bear fruit and will compensate other areas.

Max Buchser

Ex Sales manager & chairman of the retirees