Press release

Management buy-out of Abraxos Holding AG, Switzerland

Andelfingen, 14.7.2017

The management of the Meister Group, headed by CEO Dr.Eng. Peter Beyer, CSO Alfred Zenczak and CFO Yves Surbeck has, together with the Rieker Investment AG, acquired the majority of the Abraxos Holding AG shares. In relation to this management buy-out, the original sole-owner and now shareholder, Thomas Meister, will be continuing his work on the Board of Directors in order to ensure continuity.

The strategic focus of the Meister Group and the newly integrated Alfons Schmeier GmbH & Co. KG continues to be on innovation and global growth in both the automotive sector and the growing semiconductor industry.

In accordance with its family tradition, Rieker Investment AG pursues a broadly diversified investment strategy, characterized by its long-term financial commitment to largely independent operating companies in various sectors.

The Abraxos Group employs 200 people worldwide and is headquartered in Andelfingen, Switzerland. Rieker Investment AG is part of the family-owned Rieker Group, headquartered in Thayngen, Switzerland.