14th Automotive Braking Systems Conference

We are thrilled to announce Meister Abrasives' participation at the 14th Automotive Braking Systems Conference taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, August 30th - September 1st. Organized by the IQPC Automotive, the conference focuses on the latest developments in brake systems, autonomous vehicles, and electrification, among others. Taking part in the conference are only top leading players from the industry.

Addressed in details will be new approaches to braking, ways how systems are adapting to the ongoing transition in the industry towards more Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Automated Vehicles (AVs), and solutions to the timeliest challenges that brake experts are facing.

Schedule your one-on-one with our expert Reto Ramusch: Reto.Ramusch@meister-abrasives.ch

More information available here: Automotive Braking Systems 2022