hDD 2.0 / Innovation by Meister 2020!

This year’s key technology innovations are the world’s first Vitrified Micron (VM) for extremely fine surfaces, HPL for maximum removal rate and hDD 2.0 for highest productivity.

In today’s presentation:               hDD 2.0

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Semiconductor technology enables a quality leap in the machining of steel –VM (vitrified micron) technology

The grinding of components for diesel and petrol injection traditionally represents the elite in series steel machining. Current requirements for significant improvements in exhaust gas values now require a further boost to innovation regarding the bore and tight fit achieved by grinding operations.

VM bore grinding wheel on a UVA U80 in the Meister Abrasives AG grinding laboratory

Retirement meeting at Meister

On February 25th, eleven interested retirees followed the invitation of the Meister Abrasives AG for a factory tour. To the delight of the organizers, people from different eras met: from the time of tapes production to the pure production of corundum grinding wheels to todays super abrasive era.

The new CEO Frederik Dresen introduced himself and explained how the company is organized in Switzerland and internationally. Chairman of the Board, Dr. Peter Beyer and production manager Dominic Heiniger then led through the various production areas. During this, they enjoyed  very interested and attentive listeners.

In the final discussion, everyone agreed that Meister Abrasives AG had undergone enormous development. The product range is future-oriented. A lot was invested in machines, production plants and buildings. New product lines are beginning to bear fruit and will compensate other areas.

Max Buchser

Ex Sales manager & chairman of the retirees

World Innovation by Meister 2020!

This year’s key technology innovations are the world’s first Vitrified Micron (VM) for extremely fine surfaces, HPL for maximum removal rate and hDD 2.0 for highest productivity.

In today’s presentation: Vitrified Micron (VM)

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Grindtec 2020 is postponed - new date in November

Like various other trade fairs, GrindTec 2020 has now been postponed due to the new developments around SARS-CoV-2 (previously 2019-nCoV, known as Coronavirus). The trade fair organizers will announce a new date in November 2020 next week (between KW 46 and 48). Nevertheless, we look forward to welcoming you to our booth later this year.

Made in one piece - full layer stationary dresser

This newly developed stationary dresser, with proven hybrid technology, is constructed from a single monolithic abrasive layer and therefore does not require a steel base. By this measure, a detachment of the layer from the steel base can be prevented and process reliability is increased. In addition, the dresser is reinforced with CVD inserts to withstand the highest loads. Our customer advisors are pleased to inform you about the further advantages of this new dresser, and we look forward to your inquiry.

National Future Day - 14.11.19

Once a year Teenagers between 5th and 7th grade are offered the opportunity to accompany their parents or relatives during one day to provide an insight into their daily business. Again a vital group took advantage of learning more about the different professions at Meister AG.

A special interest aroused the microscope of the Quality System where the granular structure of products will be examined and an increase in size up to 2’000x is visible. Also the highly developed technology enabling a smooth workflow was very impactful.

The tour through the production hall visualised all necessary steps and sites until the products of Meister finally reach our customers.

19th International Technical Meeting (ITM) – high above Lake Lucerne

For the second time the 19th ITM on 27th & 28th of September took place at mountain Stoos over 1300 m above sea level. The 41 participants from over twelve countries met each other for two days, to talk about various projects, technical progress and upcoming challenges. Among other things, workshops were held and relationships were maintained to each other at a joint dinner on the Fronalpstock. With the lecture about gasoline injection technology and its future, it succeeded once again to invite with Mr. Baudouin Gomot from Delphi Technologies a very exciting guest speaker.

International Salesforce at Fronalpstock

Handover at Abraxos Holding AG - parent company of the Meister Abrasives Group and Alfons Schmeier GmbH & KG

Mr. Frederik Dresen takes over the position of CEO for the entire Group as from 1st September 2019.

Throughout his career, Mr. Dresen has accumulated valuable international experience working in various functions at the Power Tools division of Robert Bosch GmbH and different countries such as Germany, Hong Kong, China, USA and Switzerland for more than 17 years.  He is, therefore, equipped with the necessary competences to master the future challenges of our fast-changing markets and to develop our business further.

Furthermore, Mr. Dresen will continue to implement the group’s strategy of diversification outside the world of automotive applications, all in close collaboration with the Board of Directors.

The previous CEO, Dr.-Ing. Peter Beyer, will take over from Thomas Meister as President of the entire Group as from 1st of November 2019. Additionally, he will continue to ensure the Group’s innovative capability and technological leadership as Chief Innovation Officer.

We would like to thank Dr.-Ing. Beyer for his outstanding accomplishments and wish Mr. Dresen every success for our future business endeavors.

The Board of Directors of Abraxos Holding AG

Alfons Schmeier and Meister Abrasives handed BOSCH Preferred Supplier Award 2018

Alfons Schmeier and Meister Abrasives handed SCHAEFFLER Preferred Supplier Award 2018

Awards were handed over personally by Mr. Wölfel and Mr. Höhn in march at the GrindTec in Augsburg.

The cooperation and relationship with Alfons Schmeier and Meister Abrasives has been essential in providing continued support to SCHAEFFLER.

SCHAEFFLER Preferred Supplier Award 2017