Semiconductor Industry

Meister Abrasives diamond grinding tools are used for the grinding of wafers and for dicing the wafers. With excellent TTV values, surface qualities in the one digit Angstrom range are achieved. Hybrid and ceramic bonded grinding tools represent a quantum leap in quality and reliability in semiconductor applications.

Prime wafer and seed crystal substrate production:

Grinding applications in the wafer-substrate production chain for Si, SiC, sapphire, GaN, InP, GaAS, LiNb, LiTa and other materials.

Special applications in wafer processing:

Backgrinding thin wafer e.g. for MEMS, SOI, 3D-TSV, ultra thin wafers, reclaim, eWlp or DBG grinding including special Edge grindings

LED’s and power electronics for new E-Mobility applications:

Grinding processing in the value chain of LED’s and Power Device manufacturing based on SiC / GaN or Sapphire substrates

Trend setting 5G-comunikation applications:

Grinding processings for modern 5G Technologies used for SAW/BAW frequency filter devices based on LiTa-, LiNb- or Si-Wafer