Semiconconductor & Photovoltaic

High-tech processes in the manufacture of semiconductor components require high-tech grinding wheels.

Meister Abrasives’ micro grit product range used for fine grinding of prime wafers or back thinning applications are capable of achieving surface finishes in the angstrom range. Ceramet hybrid and vitrified bonded grinding wheels create a quantum leap in photovoltaic grinding process efficiency.

Prime wafer manufacturing

Grinding applications in the manufacturing chain for  wafer-substrate such as Si, SiC, Saphir, GaN, InP, GaAS, LnNb, LnTa and others

Advanced wafer thinning applications

All kind of wafer thinning applications like for MEMS, SOI, 3D-TSV, ultra thin wafers, eWlp, Taiko grinding, dicing before grinding (DBG) etc...

LED manufacturing based on Sapphire / SiC

Grinding application in the value chain of LED manufacturings and GaN based power devices

Photovoltaic solar wafer manufacturing

Ingot / Brick grinding applications before wire sawing processings