Surface processing is particularly demanding for medical technology components. The materials, which are generally difficult to machine, require the careful selection of abrasive raw materials and bonding systems. Thanks to innovative manufacturing and application technologies, the grinding tools from Meister meet the high requirements of the medical industry.

Hip joint implant

An artificial hip joint consists of several parts, including a ball head and the so-called inlay. Contact and movement then take place between these two parts. In order to keep the wear as small as possible and the service life as long as possible, the requirements for shape and surface quality are very high and require a complex manufacturing process. With the specially developed tools, Meister makes a significant contribution to maintaining a constant process.


When manufacturing a dental prosthesis that is individually adapted to the patient, the dental technicians can rely on the proven grinding tools from Meister and thus meet the high demands of dentistry.


Ceramet Hybrid diamond grinding wheel for the processing of ceramic hip implants


Dental diamond stones