Electric mobility is a highly networked industry that has grown in importance in recent years. Whether as a support for the bicycle or as a complete drivetrain alternative for a car, e-mobility brings new challenges when grinding new or further developed components. Meister has always operated and supported innovations and has therefore already proven itself to be a successful partner in this area of application.

E-Bike drive

As light as possible and yet powerful with a long range. Just one of the many requirements for the drive of an e-bike, which is reflected in the construction of the components used. With the help of Meister grinding wheels, the components can be realized and produced with great economy.


The EPS system (Electronic Power Steering System) offers many advantages over conventional power steering and is therefore popular in electromobility. The development times for new components and parts are getting shorter and shorter and a challenge for everyone involved. Thanks to flexibility and great commitment, Meister is the ideal partner for the implementation of new technologies.

Brake system

The EPB system (Electric Parking Brake System) is state of the art in many vehicles; The elimination of the handbrake lever saves installation space and enables equipment with assistance systems such as hill start assist. Small spindle screw drives can be reliably manufactured in large series using Meister tools and are an integral part of safety-relevant vehicle components.