With the drive train, the steering systems, or the brakes, high economic efficiency in the manufacture of all components in the automotive industry is of crucial importance. That is why Meister grinding tools are specially developed for these requirements.

First-class abrasive raw materials, innovative bonding systems, and sophisticated manufacturing methods are just as much a part of the recipe for success as the many years of application experience for the optimal use of our high-performance tools.

Injection technology

Meister has decades of experience in the manufacture and use of high-precision specialty tools for the field of fuel injection. The narrow tolerances for surface quality and workpiece geometry can only be achieved with a grinding and dressing tool specially designed for these applications. Low grinding forces are the top priority when machining long bores. Tools with innovative internal cooling are the master class in needle seat machining.

Transmission / engine

In the quest for noise and fuel consumption reduction, the requirements for component geometry and finish of transmission and engine components are becoming ever higher. The grinding process plays a central role in this. The grinding and dressing tools from Meister make an important contribution to meeting these high requirements.

Constant velocity joints (CVJ)

Meister grinding wheels have proven themselves worldwide for machining high-precision surfaces on the axle journal and cage components. They guarantee a particularly economical process when deep-grinding the ball tracks and the cage windows.


Ambitious goals to reduce the release of fine particles when braking require new solutions in the development of brake discs. With hard material coatings such as tungsten carbide, the wear on the brake discs is significantly reduced. With the great experience in the processing of hard materials and coatings, Meister contributes to the new developments.